“Doing Things Better” candidates to refuse pensions

Better for Township Slate Refuses Pensions.

The 'Doing Things Better for Palatine Township' slate of candidates who are running for Township offices in the February 26th primary are pledging that they will, if elected, refuse any tax payer funded pension. 

We believe that public service should be just that, an opportunity to serve our community, and not a way to pad our wallet with generous pension benefits.  Part-time government jobs should not come with taxpayer public pensions! To date, none of the candidates on the Linda Fleming slate have made the same promise.  In fact. Linda Fleming has begun taking her pension. 

According to the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund, Fleming is currently receiving a gross monthly benefit of $4469.62 after contributing a total of $48,631.55 over 38 years.  She will take home more in the first year than she ever contributed!  That is not right! Only two months ago, when Ms. Moran decided to run for re-election, did she decide to opt out of the tax payer funded pension. 

According to the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund, any elected official could have opted out of the pension at any time.  Almost three years ago, I, Trustee Art Goes, and Trustee Bill Huley asked the entire board to do just that.  No one stepped up. 

Doing Things Better for Palatine Township slate is running for office because for too long government has not had the proper respect for the public tax dollars.  We understand that it is the taxpayers' money that we are spending and as a result we must spend it wisely and conservatively.  And, that respect for the taxpayer prohibits us from using the system to our own benefit.  Our slate is endorsed by Palatine Township Republican Organization, the official Republican organization of Palatine Township, the Save Briarwood Committee and Aaron Del Mar, Cook County GOP Chairman. 

The slate includes myself, Sharon Langlotz-Johnson for Township Supervisor, Tom Kaider for Highway Commissioner, Kathy Allegretti for Clerk, and Art Goes, Bill Pohlman, Kevin McGrane, as well as Bill Huley for Trustee.  Come out and support your Better for Palatine Township slate on February 26th!  

Sharon Langlotz-Johnson, Palatine Township Trustee and candidate for Township Supervisor.  www.betterforpalatinetownship.com

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I Think February 24, 2013 at 01:51 PM
Unfortunately, Ms. Langlotz-Johnson, the way you and the rest of your ticket handle truth is unacceptable for anyone seeking public office. Apparently you subscribe to the idea that the voters are stupid. Just because a candidate says something doesn't make it TRUE, and, you see, Ms. Langlotz-Johnson, we expect TRUTH. For example, Linda Fleming's pension was earned over nearly 40 years working a full time job for an IMRF employer. She has not been in Township government for 40 Years. Your group has done a masterful job of twisting information into what you would like to think is a shocking exposé. Ms. Fleming contributed and EARNED her pension as part of an employment contract with Hercules-time employer as well as the Township. We the people are not stupid. This is not double-dipping, as your propaganda material states. My purpose here is not to defend any candidate, but rather to state that ANY political campaign which bases its bid for my vote on personal smear tactics will not get my vote. Speak about issues...tell me how you will improve Palatine Township if you were elected. Show me that YOU are a person of integrity and dignity with creative ideas and you might have my vote. Smear tactics simply degrade the process and show disrespect for the voters.
I Think February 24, 2013 at 01:54 PM
Ms. Fleming contributed and EARNED her pension as part of an employment contract with Her full-time employer as well as the Township.
Sharon Langlotz-Johnson February 24, 2013 at 03:29 PM
As an anonymous reply it is difficult to reply to you without further engaging in unproductive banter. I would love to discuss this matter with you at anytime so please feel free to contact me directly at 847.485.9882. The facts of the article were very clear, correct, and verifiable.
Craig Doherty February 24, 2013 at 10:30 PM
Although I choose to post under my own name, I don't see how the anonymous status of the previous poster in any way prevents you from addressing his or her concerns about the claims made by you and your platform. The question was posed publicly and is a valid one so it merits a public reply rather than a dismissal due to not knowing specifically who is asking the question. I have also posted questions on the candidate profiles regarding the tendency of certain candidates to make veiled but unspecified or unsubstantiated swipes at other candidates while only providing an empty promise that things will be done better when, and if, that slate is elected and then has the chance to figure out what needs to be done better, yet no one has responded. Pronouncements about pensions and capping compensation for those in office is simply an empty swipe at the incumbents without providing any meat to the argument, nor have I seen any real explanation as to how those pensions, stipends, or other compensation have made any significant deleterious effect in how things have been run beyond the insinuation that the incumbents are milking the system to their own benefit and that you will do things better. You've got less than two days to use your forum to give us some real specifics rather than the failed strategy of late that any form of change is a good thing. Respect us voters more than that please.
ML February 24, 2013 at 11:32 PM
Sharon Langlotz-Johnson needs to be truthful about her own pension/disability due to actions while a police officer. How do you plan on collecting disability pay & Palatine Supervisor salary? Isn't it over the statutory limit? City of Des Plaines Police Pension Fund APPROVAL OF DISBURSEMENTS The Board discussed and reviewed the disabilities physician waivers submitted for the following: … Sharon Johnson/Langlotz COP IS SUSPENDED FOR FREQUENT ACCIDENTS: Mark Shuman. Special to the Tribune.. Chicago Tribune (pre-1997 Fulltext) [Chicago, Ill] 21 Feb 1996: 2. A Des Plaines police officer was ordered suspended for 10 days without pay Tuesday after the city's Police and Fire Commission said she was involved in 10 automobile accidents during her 4 1/2 years with the department. "The accidents involved parked vehicles, stopped vehicles and fixed objects," Meese said. He said the wrecks were minor, and none resulted in any known serious physical injuries. After one accident, however, Langlotz took a leave of absence of an unspecified length after she sustained back injuries, Meese said. Langlotz's accidents have cost the city about $13,000 in repair bills for damaged property and vehicles, Meese said. …on earlier charges of careless driving, said Commissioner Daniel Kisslinger. "If it had been a full-blown case, we could say more things on the record," he said.
ML February 24, 2013 at 11:37 PM
Candidate TRUTH & INTEGRITY; HOW IS ONE TO BELIEVE SHARON'S RHETORIC? Bar Incident Leads To Cop's Suspension July 14, 1997|By Walter Gottesman. DES PLAINES — The Des Plaines Board of Police and Fire Commissioners has ordered that police officer Sharon Langlotz be suspended for two days for off-duty conduct in a bar. …Langlotz used profanity and rudeness in speaking to two women patrons. http://articles.chicagotribune.com/1997-07-14/news/9707140120_1_off-duty-police-officer-conduct
Vicki Wilson February 25, 2013 at 01:01 AM
Please see this blog post for more information: http://palatine.patch.com/blog_posts/setting-the-record-straight-in-the-palatine-township-race
Sharon Langlotz-Johnson February 25, 2013 at 01:15 AM
ML happy to respond. My career as a police officer was a proud one. My driving ability? Another story. As far as my police pension, I suffer from a severe spinal disability caused from a total of three injuries. i was rear ended, in a fight with an offender, and then i drove into a ditch trying to stop a DUI driver from driving into the oncoming traffic lanes. I have a spinal implant that controls pain. I have never allowed this difficulty to take over my life. I have moved forward and accomplished many great things since the 15 year ago that I retired from the police department. My disability allows me to work, but with many restrictions. Anyone who knows me will tell you I am always trying to make myself better. As far as the "profanity"? Never said and never proven. Rude? Yes, that I was. I was also off-duty, and sober. Police officers are held to a higher standard even when they are not working. I learned a valuable lesson that day. I expect if 90% of the world got suspended from their job because they were rude while they were away from their job, we would not have anyone employed. :)
Palatine Political Watch February 25, 2013 at 02:56 AM
We just read the article's submitted here and the Daily Herald. This is the type of person who is running to lead Palatine Township? THIS MUST BE A JOKE! You are the laughing stock of anyone who was in law enforcement at the time, but we'll leave it at that. As for your two glory boys Bill Huley and Art Goes. Two guys who claim fiscal responsibilty, yet are willing to charge the taxpayers over $100K for a primary. What a hypocritical joke! How do two elderly adults buy into your crap?? As for your other lie, after we asked a questions at a forum, it appears that the Assessor and Highway Commissioner are the only board members that are still currently receiving a possible pension. NO other board member is entitled to a pension because they voted to opt out of it. So, stop the lying Ms. Johnson, you look like a fool to our friends and general public.
Palatine Political Watch February 25, 2013 at 03:07 AM
We do not know Lisa Moran personally, but we checked the facts. The facts per the record are that Trustee's Farina, Goes, Johnson and Huley opted out of the pension system many years ago. Supervisor Fleming and Clerk Moran also recently opted out of the pension system which is bankrupting our state. It is very disappointing to receive misleading information, when all we want is the truth. Lies to win an obscure township race is low class in our opinion. Actually, no class.
ML February 25, 2013 at 06:09 AM
Sorry to hear about your severe spinal disability. Thank goodness you can work, unfortunately “with many restrictions”. According to Meeting Minutes - 6/14/11 of a regular meeting of the Board of Trustees of THE DES PLAINES POLICE PENSION BOARD you submitted for the Board to approve your disabilities physician waiver. Incredibly you were still able to train and run the Marine Corps Marathon in 2009 and 2011 and the Chicago Triathlon in 2010 per your resume. Why would a retired police officer and marathon runner submit a disability waiver to a police pension board? Did you disclose to them you actively run 5 ½ hour marathons? The TRUTH starts at home.
Ed Sutarik February 25, 2013 at 01:28 PM
After reading about all the "untruths" and distortions being circulated on political mailers by Sharon Langlotz-Johnson and her slate, I plan on handing out this information to voting train mates and also to voting association homeowners where I live. It appears Sharon with her pension is really the one taking advantage of hardworking taxpayers. Also, her several suspensions from the Des Plaines Police Department speaks for itself. This is not the type of leader, as she touts herself when talking to voters, that we want or need. The same holds for her slate and for Aaron Del Mar who chose to pursue a costly primary, at tax payers' expense, vs. a party caucus. Did Del Mar not think of vetting his hand picked candidate? What a travesty from this local political leader!
Craig Doherty February 25, 2013 at 02:15 PM
Although the Palatine Township Republican Organization sounded like a good idea when Aaron Del Mar created it, unfortunately it has lost it's credibility through it's continued support for Joe Walsh, who has proved to be one of the biggest embarrassments to the GOP in the nation, and now this waste of money holding a primary in the interest of pushing some of his favored candidates onto the general election ballot at the expense of the taxpayers. Once again, we're being treated as dupes and even when the primary is shoved down our throats, we are presented with a hand-picked slate of "reformers" who haven't even figured out (or won't tell us) what they will reform other than to take the positions from others that may or may not have been drawing pensions. This is another example of a broken party organization just airing its dirty laundry in public instead of working together effectively to serve the communities instead of their political maneuvering. If anything, this primary has become a necessity so that the voters can have the opportunity to express their opinions with the ballot rather than have a self-appointed and self-serving panel make those choices for them and populate the ballot with more unqualified candidates who can't make a decision for themselves without falling back on the vague promises of their (blank) slate.
Neal February 25, 2013 at 04:02 PM
This political rhetoric is avoiding the simple issue here. Pensions can no longer be afforded with our taxdollars, past employees were assured that pension with their employment as part of their benefits, it's not just to take those away. All new employees needs to be told that there will be no new pensions for today forward, and it needs to be black and white. It is just not affordable to have employees pay 3-4 grand a year into a fund then collect 40-50 grand a year for 15-25 years when they retire, the math will never work out, and that's just a fact.. IMO, this also needs to be done with the teachers, the state and federal pensions systems as well.
bigfoot14 February 25, 2013 at 06:27 PM
This ineffective form of government can't be afforded anymore....the whole township system needs to go. There isn't anything that they do that couldn't be folded into existing village and county government operations.....show me a candidate running on the platform of ending this wasteful form of government, and that's who I'll vote for.
Vicki Wilson February 26, 2013 at 03:30 PM
Last September, the current Trustees voted in a pay increase for themselves, if re-elected. This is shocking to me and truly not something I can wrap my head around. The Trustees do no more work than unpaid Board of Ed members (and one could argue, quite a bit less) so to vote themselves an INCREASE if re-elected is beyond me. Source: meeting minutes from September 2012 - "There is a potential $900 increase in Trustee salaries, in the event that the increased per diem meeting allowance were maximized." ROLL CALL: Ayes: Farina, Huley, Goes, Langlotz-Johnson, Fleming Nays: None I am supporting Kevin O'Connell, Julie Johnson, and Jason Hillenbrand today for Trustees and Lisa Moran for Clerk. Nobody can match Clerk Moran's record: www.clerklisa.com She is a true patriot, true conservative, honest and trustworthy. It would be a true loss to the community if she were not re-elected. She is running independently and the only one endorsed by Matt Murphy and Tom Morrison.
Palatine Watches You February 26, 2013 at 10:11 PM
Vicki Wilson, you must be a political hack. We read the minutes and it looks like the board decreased the salaries officials who make over $24K in their positions!!!! Trustees do not have to claim their stipends and several of them stated as such. FOIA the expense records and see who claims money to make $900 or volunteer for something, then you have a reason to talk.
Bill February 26, 2013 at 10:50 PM
The punch line that not many people are talking about is: Fleming and Powers are running as conservatives?! WTF? If a person believes in small government, then they believe in it all the time and in every direction (psssssst, kids are you paying attention? Powers and Fleming are N-O-T conservative). Terms that last for a longer time span that it takes for all my kids to go through high school is NOT limited government. Taking the pension for a part time position is NOT conservative. Fact-checking is great. I applaud anyone who does that. But just from a broader perspective, how do you people allow these crusty politicians to sit around for decades, but then claim they are conservative? Seriously? We get our butts kicked in a presidential election and then learn nothing. Obama deserved to win. Republicans need to stop following conservatives like Fleming and Powers who take pensions and fight for their office for decades, treat it like a little side-job piggy bank… disgusting.
Bill February 26, 2013 at 10:50 PM
And before Dellmar and the PTRO or any of that, when my kids were little, I tried to get to know the Topper mummies, but that was depressing. Those people are not conservative. They are only conservative until it becomes uncomfortable to be conservative. We are going to be leaving IL soon, to find a truly conservative area. Well, they are conservative on morality issues I guess, but they certainly love their pensions and stipends and per diem and titles. My recommendation to you all is to stop arguing over who did what to who twenty years ago, and look at the current hypocrisy. Vote the mummies out, and then at least you have a chance… you have a chance at change, a chance for real conservatives to advance the cause. Or leave the state, like we are. But grow up, wake up. Pensions and twenty-year terms = NOT CONSERVATIVE.


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