Palatine High School Works to Combat Bullying

"Palatine's Promise" is a movement at the high school to promote respect and acceptance. In light of recent hazing and bullying incidents in D211 and nearby high school districts, the program is timely in addressing the issue.

Palatine High School has implemented an initiative called Palatine's Promise, in an effort to discourage bullying, by promoting acceptance and respect for others. 

Recent hazing and/or bullying incidents have occurred both in Maine West and Hoffman Estates high schools. 

Two recent Palatine Promise events at the Palatine High School included Lunchapalooza and "Do Don't Be Rude," both of which focused on accepting others, despite differences.

"This year really focuses on getting along with others even if you don't like them," said Eric Smith, Palatine High School counselor. "A lot of activities are to help our students get along.

"Lunchapalooza" included a number of different activities over a week's time.

Student talent shows, joint participation in food drives that netted raffle prizes for getting involved and activities such as a game of bags, karaoke and video games were offered during lunch hours. 

"Do Don't Be Rude" reinforced the importance of accepting others, by having students who are a part of Palatine's Promise visit classrooms and talk about the importance of mutual respect for peers.

"We remind students that if someone is being rude we don't need to react and to keep in mind that you might not know what someone is going through or experiencing," Smith said. 

Future events sponsored by Palatine's Promise include Artsapalooza on December 20 and a Health and Safety Fair on January 24. 

Information provided by District 211. 

Christopher Hess December 11, 2012 at 08:18 AM
From being the former student ambassador, this program is amazing! I am so happy to say I helped develop this program, and helped change someones life. Even if we truly helped one person, that is one life, SAVED. I truly do miss it.


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