Marion Jordan Opens Patio Dedicated to Former Principal

The Dana Petersen Patio, an outdoor classroom dedicated to the former Marion Jordan principal, opened Monday, the Daily Herald reports.

During the 10 years Dana Petersen served as the principal at Marion Jordan Elementary School, one of her visions was to transform the school’s courtyard into an outdoor education space.

A little more than a year after Petersen passed away, the former principal’s vision became a reality during Monday’s ribbon cutting ceremony to mark the opening of the Dana Petersen Patio, the Daily Herald reports.

Petersen wanted to create a special place for students, staff, and parents to be used throughout the school day. According to Tim Waldorf with the Community Consolidated School District 15's communications department, that’s exactly what the courtyard in the center of the school building has been turned into.

Marion Jordan students have already been out to take advantage of the new patio, getting out of the confines of the classroom to conduct science experiments and read outdoors, the Daily Herald reports.

Following the 49-year-old’s passing in June 2011, more than $6,000 was donated to the District Fifteen Educational Foundation in her honor to assist with the patio project.

With donations from family and friends Marion Jordan renovated and expanded the use of the school’s existing courtyard into an outdoor classroom, in memory of Petersen. According to Waldorf, those donations allowed for a design to be completed in the spirit of Petersen’s idea.


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