35 District 15 Students Receive Arts Education Honors

All students with state-qualifying submissions will be recognized at a District 37 Reflections Showcase on March 6 in Hoffman Estates.

Thirty-five District 15 students have been selected to advance in the state PTA Reflections program. 

Reflections is a national PTA program that asks students to create works of art based on an annual theme.

Illinois PTA District 37 reviewed nearly 1,500 projects and selected 72 of those works of art to be judged in the state Reflections program in February. Of the 72 state-qualifying submissions, 35 of them are from District 15 students.

All students with state-qualifying submissions will be recognized at the Illinois PTA District 37 Reflections Showcase, which will be held Wednesday, March 6, at 7 p.m. at Eisenhower Junior High School, 800 Hassell Road in Hoffman Estates.

This year's theme was “The Magic of a Moment,” and students created art to reflect that theme in six different categories: visual arts, photography, musical composition, literature, dance choreography, and film/video production. 

The District 15 students who have been selected for Reflections arts education program honors include:  


  • Sufiya Shazia, Grade 4, Central Road School PTA, Life is a memory, it never ends …
  • Anika Veda, Grade 3, Pleasant Hill School PTA, Once a Seed
  • Madeline Cunningham, Grade 4, Pleasant Hill School PTA, My Magical Moment of Wonder
  • Emma Forman, Grade 5, Winston Campus Elementary PTA, Softest Touch and Hula Hoop
  • Grace Reaney, Grade 5, Marion Jordan School PTA, Butterfly

Visual Arts

  • Kaylie Trenkle, Stuart R. Paddock School PTA, Art is Magical
  • Alexandr Petryshchuk, Grade 2, Gray M. Sanborn School PTA, The Magic of the Space
  • Nicole Hentges, Grade 4, Hunting Ridge School PTA, Magic of Santa
  • Christiana Kirchner, Grade 5, Gray M. Sanborn School PTA, One Out of a Thousand and One Dog
  • Chris Schmit, Grade 7, Plum Grove Junior High PTSA, Magic of Nature

Film/Video Production

  • Lacey Puleo, Grade 1, Central Road School PTA, Directioner’s Party
  • Matthew Gillaizeau, Grade 3, Hunting Ridge School PTA, My Creashon
  • Jerry Santoro, Grade 5, Winston Campus Elementary PTA, Packages 4 Patriots
  • Theresa Hopkins, Grade 6, Hunting Ridge School PTA, Magic of a Moment
  • Jaden Zayas, Grade 6, Wilow Bend School PTA, Cinderella Story
  • Justin Piotrowski, Grade 8, Plum Grove Junior High PTSA, Magic of a Moment—European Alps


  • Kaleb Jain, Kindergarten, Stuart R. Paddock School PTA, The Magical Moments of Baby’s First Steps
  • Ashley Matthews, Grade 2, Thomas Jefferson School PTA, Magic of a Moment at the Arch and Magic of a Moment at the Fall
  • Olivia Hurwitz, Grade 4, Stuart R. Paddock School PTA, Welcoming a Calf to the World
  • Stacey Mau, Grade 5, Hunting Ridge School PTA, BOOM! and Soar
  • Shannon Trenkle, Grade 5, Stuart R. Paddock School PTA, Cicada Emerging from Shell
  • Hannah Bellof, Grade 5, Winston Campus Elementary PTA, Flowers and Butterfly
  • Pierce Allord, Grade 7, Plum Grove Junior High PTSA, The Magic of a Moment … and the Forces of Light and Dark
  • Chris Schmit, Grade 7, Plum Grove Junior High PTSA, The Magic of New Life
  • Aidan Busch, Grade 8, Walter R. Sundling Junior High PTA, A Pause Before Moving On and A Misty Moment in Time


  • Sean Forman, Grade 1, Virginia Lake School PTA, Irish Dance is Magical
  • Chrissie Rollinson, Grade 1, Virginia Lake School PTA, Moon River
  • Zen Wang, Grade 2, Pleasant Hill School PTA, untitled
  • Kevin Forman, Grade 3, Winston Campus Elementary PTA, Irish Magic
  • Emma Forman, Grade 5, Winston Campus Elementary PTA, Gaelic Sunrise

Musical Composition

  • Emma Chen, Grade 3, Pleasant Hill School PTA, Over the Clouds
  • Sarah Stapleton, Grade 6, Hunting Ridge School PTA, Enchanted Evening
  • Joseph Ahlgrim, Grade 6, Lincoln School, The Magic of the Moment for the Dragon
  • Hillery Marie Benjamin, Grade 6, Stuart R. Paddock School PTA, Bittersweet
  • Lauren Cardoza, Grade 8, Carl Sandburg Junior High PTSA, A Beautiful Melody
Joan Scovic February 05, 2013 at 04:01 PM
Thank you to all of the CCSD15 PTAs including Northwest Suburban Council for their hard work bringing the arts to our children!


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