Tax Bills Help Nail Down District 211’s Tentative Budget

Township High School District 211’s 2012-2013 tentative budget is set, ready to be presented to board members on Thursday, Aug. 13.

This year, with money from the Cook County Tax bills already in the bank, Township High School District 211's tenative budget is set and more solid than in years past. 

“A great change for us to see that,” said David Torres, Associate Superintendent for Business for District 211. “Actually, in my entire career that’s the earliest I’ve seen that, that’s a long number of years.”

Torres is right; this was the first time in more than 30 years that the second installment of the Cook County Property Tax bills were mailed on time. A welcomed change that will save school districts across the state of Illinois millions of dollars.

Torres said just a couple years ago, the district received tax bills as late as December. Without the second installment of tax bills from the county, Torres said District 211 had to tap into its reserve fund, “We have to pay our bills every week like everybody else does.”

However, that will not be a problem for the district this year. Money from the tax bills is where it is supposed to be and Torres is confident in the district's 2012-2013 tentative budget. 

“When it comes in like it should, it certainly helps with planning,” Torres said, “It helped us to really nail down our budget.” 

Torres will present Township High School District 211’s 2012-2013 tentative budget to board members on Thursday, Aug. 13 when the details of the budget will then be made public.  


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