Hurricane Sandy Death Toll Nears 100

As a number of East Coast states attempt to get back on their feet after Hurricane Sandy ripped through their towns, the death toll has been identified at 92 people.

As superstorm Hurricane Sandy ripped through a number of East Coast towns across several states, the death toll late Thursday was identified at 92 people, according to CNN. 

There are shortages of fuel and of food, CNN reports, in addition to 3.3 million customers without power across 15 states and in Washington D.C. 

Among the many tragic victim stories; , and two boys were ripped from their mother's arms as she tried to get to higher ground Thursday, NBC news reports.  

Check out video of devastation from Ocean City Patch in Ocean City, New Jersey, as well as a photo gallery of damage there the first day after the storm. 

Do you have family and friends who were in Sandy's wake or are you wondering what happened in your home town back east? 

Go to Patch's home page map, click on the appropriate state, on your right will be all the Patch sites there, click on your desired town and catch our coverage.


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