Jinnene Foster
Jinnene created a mission years ago to dedicate her skills and talent  toward inspiring and enlightening others. As such, along with her love for writing, she has become passionate about teaching college writing courses, in which her students are encouraged to voice their ideas, and to explore their authentic, creative potential.
Jinnene tells people she loves "film above all else." Throughout her life, it has been film that has taken her to other worlds, allowing her to connect with beauty. Her interests run the gamut, however, a fact for which she's grateful, as it continues to serve her well as a writer. Jinnene spends free time fueling her creative spirit on endeavors like photography, running, swimming, yoga, singing, playing guitar, developing sketch art, reading, dancing for modern, ballet and jazz and creating comical scripts. She enjoys studying improvisation and acting at Chicago's Second City and Act One studios. Jinnene values her parents' and friends' support immensely, and hopes that technology will never replace the ability for humans to bond in meaningful ways. Jinnene is excited to write for Patch.com--contact her at jinnenef@gmail.com
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