I used to have my own television show on WGN’s Ray Rayner and Friends back in the 70's. My co-stars were a bunch of fish and a mermaid. There were good fish and evil fish. My arch enemies were Baron Barracuda and his sidekick Trigger Fish. Trigger fish always had a cigarette hanging out of his mouth. Imagine that smoking underwater!
Well the time came, I had to hang up my diving suit. I decided to give up the ocean and settle down in Palatine. I am now the father of teenagers. No, I did not marry the mermaid and my kids don’t have tails. My goal in life is to open a Dive Shop in downtown Palatine. Maybe I’ll set up next door to Hot Shots in the old Miss Bossy Boots location.  Let me know if you have any ocean or diving neon signs I can hang in my shop window.  I leave you with my theme song:  Below in the deep there's adventure and danger, That's where you'll find Diver Dan. The sites that he sees are exciting and stranger, Than ever you'll find on the land!   He moves among creatures of frightening features, Flashing teeth slashing jaws, flapping fins snapping claws. He protects and he saves his friends under the waves, That's where you'll find Diver Dan.
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