Palatine Welcomes French Mayor

The Mayor of Palatine's Sister City in Fontenay-Ie-Comte, France, arrived in Palatine this week.

The Mayor of Palatine's Sister City in Fontenay-Ie-Comte, France, tours the Village of Palatine this week.

Accepting Mayor Schwantz’s invitation to the Downtown Palatine Street Festival, Mayor Hugues Fourage and his family traveled all the way to the village of Palatine from Fontenay-Ie-Comte, France.

Mayor Fourage, his wife, Dr. Marie Mascle and their daughter, Maelle Fourage, are in town to enjoy Street Fest, learn about Village programs and to tour Palatine businesses. White in Palatine, Fourage and his family will visit the new police headquarters and fire station, as well as the library, park districts and historical society.

Their first trip to Illinois, The Fourage Family will be in Palatine for two weeks, staying with host families. During their trip, Mayor Fourage and his family will also visit Chicago, Iowa and Milwaukee.

The Village of Palatine and the City of Fontenay-Ie-Comte, France, have been Sister Cities since 1995. At the Village Council Meeting on Monday, the Mayors will sign an Affirmation Agreement, where both cities confirmed their friendship as sister cities.


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