Should District 15 Add Soccer as a New Interscholastic Sport?

Tell us in the comments section: Do you think District 15 should add soccer as a new sport?

Palatine Township Elementary District 15 currently has cross-country, basketball, volleyball, wrestling and track among its interscholastic sporting line-up and it could soon add soccer if the school board approves the addition during an upcoming meet, according to the Daily Herald. 

Winston Campus Junior High Principal Rene Carranza has lobbied for the new sport, which would cost the district about $50,000 upfront for equipment and uniforms for eight teams, coaches and transportation, according to the Daily Herald. 

Students at Winston, 68 percent who come from low-income families, have not been able to join area travel teams, and the district would plan to charge an $85 fee for students to play soccer if approved in the district, the Daily Herald reports.

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mlvelmont May 19, 2014 at 07:55 AM
Celtic soccer already offers soccer house leagues through ages 14. The cost is around $125 but the season includes fall and spring and the cost also includes shirts, socks and trophy. In my opinion soccer is already an option and it doesn't have to be travel. Why spend money on something that is already offered?
Patch Reader May 21, 2014 at 06:40 AM
Agree. Has the principal done anything to encourage the students to sign up for Palatine Park District house soccer? There is no indication there has been a survey across the district to determine if the schools have enough interest to start teams. Kids interested in soccer also go out for the xcross country and track teams. Why hurt other existing programs for which there are no other solid options in the Palatine Park District as well as hurt the "farm clubs" for the HS track team teams. The Board needs to direct the administration to complete a survey of families and the community before this expansion is seriously considered. A real survey, not a rigged survey families first saw with the Late Start/Early Release controversy. Perhaps $50k is better spent on extra programs to increase academic achievement so fewer students need to attend mandatory summer school as incoming HS freshmen.
Palatine Resident May 20, 2014 at 12:19 PM
Congratulations to District 15. Getting kids into after school sports is important. They have an activity to do and it's healthy. A lot of kids go home, turn on the TV or play TVGames. Many parents cannot take their kids to Celtic practices. After school inter scholastic soccer has bus service. The Park District offers basketball and so do the Jr Highs. It's time to offer soccer and give the kids more exercise, as well as, another positive purpose for school.
Patch Reader May 21, 2014 at 06:58 AM
Neither the school board nor the administration deserve praise on this one. Just because one principal is a fan of soccer does not mean there is enough interest.


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