Should District 15 Add Soccer as a New Interscholastic Sport?

Tell us in the comments section: Do you think District 15 should add soccer as a new sport?

Palatine Township Elementary District 15 currently has cross-country, basketball, volleyball, wrestling and track among its interscholastic sporting line-up and it could soon add soccer if the school board approves the addition during an upcoming meet, according to the Daily Herald. 

Winston Campus Junior High Principal Rene Carranza has lobbied for the new sport, which would cost the district about $50,000 upfront for equipment and uniforms for eight teams, coaches and transportation, according to the Daily Herald. 

Students at Winston, 68 percent who come from low-income families, have not been able to join area travel teams, and the district would plan to charge an $85 fee for students to play soccer if approved in the district, the Daily Herald reports.

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