Palatine 6th Grader Wins District 15 Spelling Bee

Pragya Kansal, a 6th grader at Whiteley School was the big winner at the District 15 spelling bee last week. She now will compete in the Suburban Cook Northern Area Spelling Bee in early February.

Out of 19 students, Whiteley 6th grader Pragya Kansal was the ultimate winner of the District 15 Spelling Bee held on January 14. 

Pragya and her final competitor, Tim Okonek, also a 6th grader, from Marion Jordan School, battled it out for five rounds before she won by spelling the word amicable. 

The next competition is the Suburban Cook Northern Area Spelling Bee, which Pragya will be competing in on February 5 at Joseph Sears School in Kenilworth. 

The winner of that spelling bee will move on to the Suburban Cook County Spelling Bee, which is scheduled for February 21 at Mannheim Middle School in Melrose Park. 

The 17 other students who competed against Pragya in the District 15 Spelling Bee included:

  • Jon Dickerson, grade 4 at Jane Addams School
  • Andrew An, grade 6 at Central Road School
  • Joseph Runde, grade 6 at Kimball Hill School
  • Hannah Lin, grade 6 at Hunting Ridge School
  • Mae Wu, grade 6 at Thomas Jefferson school
  • Amaya Rivera, grade 6 at Lake Louise School
  • Shruti Satish, grade 6 at Lincoln School
  • Gabriella Cherian, grade 5 at Stuart Paddock School
  • Jack Raker, grader 6 at Pleasant Hill School
  • Kacper Drwenski, grade 6 at Gary M. Sanborn School
  • Kiley Fletcher, grade 6 at Virginia Lake School
  • Anisha Gummadi, grade 5 at Willow Bend School
  • Kinllen Peng, grade 5 at Winston Campus Elementary
  • Emily Walters, grade 7 at Carl Sanburg Junior High
  • Kevin Chan, grade 7 at Plum Grove Junior High
  • Varun Cidambi, grade 7 at Walter R. Sundling Junior High
  • Natalia Koval, grade 7 at Winston Campus Junior High

Congratulations to all the winners, and best of luck to Pragya from Palatine Patch! 

Information provided by District 15.


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