Maine West Alleged Hazing: More Plaintiffs Coming Forward

Law firm to hold press conference to announce an additional plaintiff or plaintiffs in its lawsuit against D-207 administrators, faculty, coaches and staff.

The law firm representing the Maine West parents in a sexual assault lawsuit regarding an incident in September plans to announce an additional plaintiff or plaintiffs at a press conference scheduled for today, according to a statement released by Chicago-based Romanucci & Blandin. 

Since the lawsuit regarding the reported hazing incident in September was filed on Nov. 19, another Maine West family has stepped forward and contacted Maine Township High School District 207 regarding an alleged hazing incident in August 2008.

D-207 released a statement regarding the report of hazing in August 2008 on Monday.

Antonio Romanucci made the following statement regarding the allegations on Monday:

It is our belief that Maine West High School officials knew about hazing and bullying dating back to 2008 and neither informed Maine Township School District 207 administrators, nor the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services. We believe that hazing, bullying, and the conduct of school and district officials in dealing with bullying and hazing, is egregious and should not be tolerated.     

We have written documentation demonstrating proof that the school had knowledge about hazing and bullying dating back to 2008. This documentation will be shared with members of the media at a news conference on Wednesday, November 28, at 1:00 p.m. at our law offices, Romanucci & Blandin, 33 N. LaSalle, Suite 2000, Chicago, Illinois. In addition, we will be amending our original complaint to add one or more additional plaintiffs. More information regarding these cases will be shared with the media at the news conference.

Mary Whiteside November 28, 2012 at 03:34 PM
I am sickened by this story. As a parent of high schoolers and as a former teacher, this upsets me to my very core.


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