Parent: Hazing at Area High School Destroying Children

Four families have filed suit against D207 administrators, faculty, coaches and staff over hazing, bullying, physical and sexual assault allegations. Three plaintiffs were added to the suit Wednesday.

Shielded by a cap and sunglasses to conceal her identity, the mother of a former Maine West student spoke to reporters with her attorney, Antonio Romanucci, about why she joined the hazing and bullying lawsuit at the law firm’s Chicago office on Wednesday.

The woman said she was “sickened” when she heard about the report of a Maine West High School student being hazed and bullied recently.

Some of the same coaches were employed at the Des Plaines high school, including varsity soccer coach Michael Divincenzo, she said, when her son was the target of similar assaults in 2008.

Her son was transferred to Maine East High School in Niles, and continued to suffer as a result of being repeatedly targeted by other student athletes, she said.

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