D-15 School Board Member Resigns

Community Consolidated School District 15 vice president Mark Bloom has resigned from the board for work-related reasons.

Community Consolidated School District 15 board vice president Mark Bloom has resigned citing work-related reasons.

Bloom, who had missed two recent school board meetings, said he had started a new job in recent months and the schedule conflicts were such that he felt it was best to resign.

"The community deserves someone who is going to be able to fulfill those duties," Bloom said.  "I thought I would be able to work [it out], when I realized I was going to miss my second meeting, that's really when I made my decision."

Bloom, who holds a bachelor's of business administration in accounting from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, has lived in the district since 1996 and served on the board since 2009.

The school board will have a special meeting Wednesday, Jan. 19, to discuss the process to fill Bloom's seat. The board has 45 days to fill the seat. The district's policy states that the board will accept applications for the position.

Bloom's resignation comes in the midst of a District 15 school board election.

Six candidates are vying for three open seats in the April election. If Bloom, whose term ends in 2013, had resigned earlier, his seat also could have been filled in the election.

Bloom said the election had nothing to do with the timing of his decision, rather it was the realization that his new work schedule would make him unable to fulfill his duties as a board member.

"I enjoyed my time on the board, I found the work very fulfilling," Bloom said. "I think that District 15 is a great district. I believe that all the board members have the best interest of the district at heart, [even though] we may not always agree."

The candidates in the April election are current school board president Gerald Chapman, board member James Ekeberg, Scott Herr, Manjula Sriram, Dave Seiffert and Gerard Iannuzzelli. Incumbent board member Sue Quinn chose not to seek reelection.

Louise January 17, 2011 at 10:52 PM
The worst part of his timing is that the current board majority will get to pick another rubber stamp for Chapman.
Vicki Wilson January 19, 2011 at 04:24 AM
I really wish Mark Bloom would have given more consideration to the voters of District 15. Had he done this earlier, the voters could have decided in the April election who his replacement should be. But now it's too late for that. Had he waited another month - one whole meeting - the new board could decide on his replacement. Why did he choose to do it right now? To give Chapman and the current board majority a parting gift? One has to wonder why he would do that. It's truly disappointing. The voters of this district should be outraged.


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