BHS Class of 1937 Celebrates 75th Reunion

The Barrington High School graduates gathered during the Homecoming celebration.

Ten, 20 and even 40-year high school class reunions are fairly common, but it’s not everyday you see a 75 year reunion take place.

That’s what happened this weekend during Barrington High School’s Homecoming celebration. The Barrington High School Class of 1937 gathered for the Homecoming parade and a reunion luncheon at McGonigal’s Pub afterwards.

Organized by Bob Koenig of Wernersville, Penn., three members of the Class of ’37 reminisced about old times and had a great time celebrating their 75-year milestone.

“I had been here for the 30th anniversary, and wanted to see people again, and see what happened to them,” Koenig said.  “Barrington High School helped me a great deal.”

Koenig credits his two years of Latin and four years of math and chemistry at BHS for his career advancement later in life. He went on to the University of Chicago and later attended Seminary School and taught at Elmhurst College.

Classmate Ruth Bjornberg was also in attendance at the reunion. Bjornberg still resides in Barrington and was thrilled to be involved in the parade this year.

“It was super,” she said. “It’s interesting to see how people will clap when they see Class of 1937.”

Class of ’37 graduate Clifford Schwemm called the reunion events “A perfect time.”

The BHS alums were welcomed by Barrington High School Prinicpal Steve McWilliams at the luncheon. McWilliams offered the group a personalized tour of the high school, which most had never seen before. 

Barrington High School History Facts:

*The first two-year degree was given in 1888.

* The first four-year degree was given in 1907.

*The original school colors were maroon and white. The school changed them to red and white in 1951.

*The school district was formed in 1945.

*The Barrington High School building at 616 W. Main Street was built in 1949. 


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