Village of Barrington to Part with Barrington Countryside Fire Protection District

A disagreement over personnel and equipment has led to both parties agreeing to separate.


The relationship between the Barrington Countryside Fire Protection District (BCFPD) and the village of Barrington appears to be over. 

On Sept. 10, BCFPD, which covers several communities surrounding Barrington, delivered a letter to the village stating their wish to terminate their existing agreement. The letter cited differences over adding personnel and additional firefighting equipment. BCFPD wants to add staff and another tender to the fleet, and the village does not.  

BCFPD President Tom Rowan spoke to the Daily Herald and said the village offers "no flexibility" or cooperation with his organization. 

In a letter dated Sept. 24, the Village Board replied to the BCFPD's letter with their own Notice of Termination. 

Despite the BCFPD's wishes to pay for the additional costs for staffing and equipment themselves, the village does not feel it is necessary or a good use of tax dollars. 

"As explained in our Board to Board meeting, although the District indicates its willingness to pay the full cost of adding personnel, the District can never really fund the legacy cost for the additional personnel," the letter said. 

Legacy costs include ensuring that pension benefits are paid to each retiree, which would be paid by village taxpayers. 

The current contract between BCFPD and the village of Barrington expires at the end of 2013. The organizations will continue to discuss their issues and their future relationship during the "Meet and Confer" period. 

Ryan McKeon, spokesperson for the BCFPD, says the Trustees are very interested in continuing a relationship with the village of Barrington, with revisions to the current Intergovernmental Agreement.

"They feel that they should have a say in determining how to best provide emergency fire and medical services to the District residents/taxpayers they serve - whether that's adding personnel to fully staff the two fire stations within the District or purchasing equipment (i.e. tender) specifically suited to meet the area's needs," McKeon said. 

Read BCFPD's letter to the village of Barrington to the right of this article.  

Read the village of Barrington's letter to the BCFPD here. 

Nellie H September 30, 2012 at 03:11 PM
I suggest everyone read the important letter from President Darch outlining the benefits and perks the village residents are on the hook for with these public sector employees of the Countryside Fire District. It is mind boggling! This never ending support by the private citizen to the public employee is redefining who works for whom!
Dennis July 19, 2013 at 04:41 PM
"Despite the BCFPD's wishes to pay for the additional costs for staffing and equipment themselves, the village does not feel it is necessary or a good use of tax dollars." Yes, the village thinks, well there is always a first for anything. They thought years ago to buy three houses on Lake Street, my mothers went for $120K, 7 years later, sold it for $42.5K. PRIVATE PERSON comes and a few years later it is worth over $600K. The Government spends and makes no money, the individual or private company makes money.. Stop voting these people in, get business people that don't want to overbuild Barrington like Algonquin did with their still un-occupied Genghis Khan Memorial on the corner of 31 & 62.. At least, thanks to the great planning of Elphaba Thropp to make all the wide open parking downtown..


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