Some Palatine Residents May Have a New Councilman

Palatine approved rezoning its village council districts.

Palatine residents can check the village website today to see whether their village councilman will change, as the council approved rezoning of the six districts last Monday.

Redistricting occurs every 10 years in tandem with the results from the United States Census Bureau, said Reid Ottesen, village manager. Due to annexations and population changes since the last redistricting in 2000, the existing village council districts have become non-proportional based on population.

Ottesen said that the spread between the largest and smallest district was nearly 3,200—with District 5 being 1,601 people above the ideal average and District 4 being 1,598 under. Under the new redistricting, which the village council approved March 19, the population variance between the largest and smallest district is just 232 people.

Maintaining geographic integrity, neighborhood and subdivision boundaries and having a balanced population between districts were all taken into account when drawing the new boundaries, Ottesen said.

The chart below shows how the districts will look with the changes. For example, without changes, District 1 would be 1,176 people above the average district population of 11,426. With the redistricting, it will be 98 people short of the average, based on 2010 figures.

2010 Population Population based on current boundaries Population based on proposed boundaries Difference from the average district population of 11,426 District 1


11,328 -98 District 2 10,736 11,435 +9 District 3 11,137 11,560 +134 District 4 9,828 11,419 -7 District 5 13,027 11,434 +8

District 6

11,227 11,381 -45 68,557 68,557


*See the updated maps.

**Look up your council district.


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