Palatine Township Trustees: Meet Your Candidates

Eleven candidates are running for four open seats on the Palatine Township board in the special primary election to be held on February 26.

Get to know the candidates you will choose from for Palatine Township trustee in the upcoming special primary election. 

  • Kevin McGrane
  • Julie Ann Johnson
  • Bill Pohlman 
  • Jason Hillenbrand
  • Vince Farina
  • Kevin O'Connell
  • Chris Adrian
  • Debbie McGuire
  • Bill Huley
  • Art Goes

John Mathias: Did not return questionnaire. 

Palatine Patch also has information on candidates for Palatine Township supervisor, clerk and highway commissioner in addition to the trustee candidates above.

The primary election will be held on February 26, and early voting will be available for registered voters from February 11-23.  

For more information, visit the Cook County Clerk website

Craig Doherty February 11, 2013 at 08:04 PM
So far these candidate's responses have produced a lot of safe, vague, and empty promises. We'd like to know what each of you think individually and what you stand for rather than constantly referring to your "slate," which tells us little at this point. There is plenty of innuendo about how the past or presiding trustees have performed their duties, but how about mentioning some specifics that can be correlated about issues that you would have handled better vs. what was done by specific office holders? It's easy to Monday morning quarterback past decisions but exactly what would you do? We all know that all your goals are to provide better and more transparent government and to eliminate waste and look at every dollar spent, but in your process of deciding to run for office, what specifically have you found to be worthwhile programs and what would you cut? What township services are only going to certain people and how would you improve upon that or what would you add, and at what cost, to make services more accessible to all Palatine residents? There is plenty of talk of term-limits, stipends and pensions, but without discussing how exactly these issues have resulted in poor performance (in your view) in the past, then those claims simply fall flat as self-serving promises for new candidates vs. those that are already in office. Give us some real responses because I certainly am not voting for someone in the hope that they, or their slate, will figure it out later.
Robert Bergman February 11, 2013 at 10:20 PM
Absolutely, a lot of dodging and weaving. The Road and Bridge property tax levy rate under John Powers has gone up +31% in TWO years! Yet he and the Fleming slate claim to have lowered taxes 30%???? This isn't fantasy, pull you last two property tax 2nd installment bills out -- and see for yourself. The Fleming slates way to finance senior transportation requires a DOUBLE property tax levy. That is insane.
Palatine Political Watch February 25, 2013 at 03:41 AM
We left this same response on many of the candidates pages. Robert Bergman, you used to be a Highway Commissioner and Head of The Palatine Republican Party? What a hypocrite posting, because you are the same guy who as the leader of the Republican party, appointed himself as State Representative, cheating people of a vote and now collecting a pension. Aren't you the same Bergman who tried to kill himself in the Deer Park Woods??http://www.questia.com/library/1G1-68881906/bergman-healing-after-suicide-attempt


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