Palatine Township Highway Commissioner Candidate: John Powers

Incumbent John Powers has been Palatine Township High Commissioner for the last 15 years. He is one of two candidates running for the seat in the special primary election to be held February 26, 2013.

Palatine Patch will be helping you get to know the candidates for the upcoming special primary for Palatine Township. Meet Incumbent Palatine Township Highway Commissioner Candidate, John Powers, who will be running against newcomer Tom Kaider. 

1) Name, office being sought, professional background, community affiliations, experiences that you feel qualify you to run for this office.

My name is John Powers and I am running for re-election as Palatine Township Highway Commissioner. I have a Science Degree from Loyola Univ. in Chicago, 25 yrs experience running a business in Palatine and 15yrs experience as Palatine Township Highway Commissioner. I have lived in Palatine since 1952, am a member of St. Theresa Parish and serve on the Village of Palatine Citizens Corp. Council and am a FEMA certified instructor for emergency management.

I  feel  that I have the technical and managerial experience to continue to run the Palatine Township Highway Dept. in an efficient and cost effective manner.

2) How long have you been a Palatine Township resident? 

Since 1952 when my parents moved here from Chicago.

3) What are the reasons you chose to run for office? (for the upcoming election). 

To continue the service oriented and cost effective management of the Highway Department. I have been able to maintain the roads in the unincorporated areas of the Township in superb condition at a cost equal to and in some cases lower than some of the better run local units of government.

4) List 2-3 top issues-and how you plan to address them-that you believe are important to residents living in Palatine Township.

To maintain the roads of the Township in difficult and challenging economic times. I will continue to hire talented, reliable and skilled employees to carry out the maintenance of not only the roads but also our equipment.

To continue the excellent snow and ice control of the townships roads. I will continue to keep our fleet of trucks in superb condition but at a reasonable cost by buying newer, good used equipment when possible and having our talented staff refurbish it.

To continue working to improve the drainage in our Township. I have acquired  a specialized backhoe to replace aging driveway culverts in the township of which we have over 1000.

5) What improvements, if any, would you like to see in the way that Palatine Township is run? 

I would like to help elect a more responsive and service oriented Board of Trustees not tied to personal agendas.

6) Additional comments. 

This office of Highway Commissioner is all about delivering services to the Residents of our Township. I have worked hard to do this in the unincorporated parts of the Township which I am directly responsible for and in the Village of Palatine through Intergovernmental agreements we have with the Village for snow and ice removal.

7) Biographical information, family, children, upbringing, religious beliefs, etc. (optional). 

I am a resident of Palatine since 1952 and have raised my family here, with the help of my wife Carmen. I’m a member of St. Theresa Parish and I attended St. Theresa School. I graduated from Loyola University of Chicago with a Science degree.






Robert Bergman February 11, 2013 at 10:22 PM
Why do you DOUBLE levy and give the money to the Town Board to finance senior transportation, when they could finance it themselves?
Robert Bergman February 11, 2013 at 10:33 PM
And we are talking about the R&B property tax RATE which the Highway Commissioner does not "set" or "freeze." The rate is set by the county depending on the levy amount requested, and the property tax rate is up +31% in two years! No petti-flogging the issue. Anybody can see that by looking at their last two years 2nd installment bills.
Palatine Political Watch February 25, 2013 at 03:31 AM
Robert Bergman, you used to be a Highway Commissioner and Head of The Palatine Republican Party? What a hypocrite posting, because you are the same guy who as the leader of the Republican party, appointed himself as State Representative, cheating people of a vote and now collecting a pension. Aren't you the same Bergman who tried to kill himself in the Deer Park Woods??http://www.questia.com/library/1G1-68881906/bergman-healing-after-suicide-attempt


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