Palatine Hires Contractor for Sidewalk Snow Removal

It may just be the beginning of fall but the Village is already gearing up for the winter; Palatine hires outside contractor for sidewalk snow removal.

Council members voted to hire an outside contractor, passing off the Palatine’s sidewalk snow removal responsibilities to Brian Edward Landscaping of Palatine Monday night.

Instead of doing the work-in house, the Village will pay the landscaping company $980 to clear 23 miles of publicly owned sidewalk every time at least three inches of snow accumulates on the ground.

According to the agreement, snow removal is to begin within 8 hours after snowfall and if additional areas need to be cleared, the Village will pay Brian Edward Landscaping $98 per hour. Based upon the estimated quantities of a typical winter, the Village anticipates the cost for this agreement to be $9,800.

Under the agreement, Brian Edward Landscaping will use its own equipment for snow removal while the Village will supply salt for ice control.

Approximately $132,600 has been included in the 2012-13 Public Works Operating Budget to cover the cost of all contractual snow & ice control services throughout the Village.

According to the proposal, Palatine had received concerns regarding the lack of snow removal on sidewalks connecting schools and in the downtown area. In response to those complaints, the Village implemented a two-year pilot program, using contractors to clear snow from two areas in Palatine.

Based on the results from that pilot program, the Village determined an outside contractor is a better, faster and more cost-effective solution to sidewalk snow removal in Palatine. Not only will help of an outside contractor improve snow removal on sidewalks, Palatine said it will also allow Village crews focused on clearing streets. 

Council members unanimously agreed to hire the outside contractor at Monday night's Village meeting. 

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