No New Palatine Village Hall, for Now

There are roughly $6-7 million in repairs needed to address electrical and plumbing issues. The village council will decide whether minimum repairs, a complete rehab or a new construction is the choice for village hall.


Discussion over a proposed new village hall in the near future has been just that, talk, according to Village Manager Reid Ottesen. 

What is certain is that the current building is in need of some serious repairs. 

"There is $6-7 million worth of work needed here just on the plumbing and electrical," Ottesen said. "That doesn't make mention of asbestos abatement, water coming in during heavy rainfull at the lower level and not having hot water upstairs."

There also is the need to replace boilers and air conditioning and ADA compliance issues with the elevators. Ottesen said. The inside of village hall, made of reinforced concrete, is literally falling apart. 

At this point, the village is doing its due diligence to determine what the best direction to go in, is. 

"We are finalizing internal analysis of village hall options, from constructing new to renovating the existing hall," Ottesen said. 

One thing the village is not lacking is space. Part of the study being conducted determined that based on employees and operations, 50,000 square feet is needed, and the space is roughly 100,000 square feet. 

In the upcoming budget, there is $80,000 set aside for professional services to help village staff determine what the best option is. Ottesen did say the village already has received some input and direction at no cost, from Camosy, the contractor who built the new police station. 

Ottesen said no proposals would go in front of the village council until after the budget is passed, likely not until early 2013. The village council ultimately will decide the fate of the current village hall. 

"We are not saying we will be building a new village hall. It might make all the sense in the world not to, but one way or another, something has to be done with this building," Ottesen said.  



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