Park Board Commissioner McPherson Won't Run Again

Two seats will be open on the Park District Board, paperwork to run in the April 2013 election must be filed between December 17 and December 24.

Palatine resident Andy McPherson, who has served two terms as a commissioner on the Palatine Park District Board doesn't plan to run again. 

His term will be up and open for new candidates in the April 2013 election.  

"I said back when I first ran, that I believe term limits are a good thing, whether they are required or self-imposed," McPherson said. 

Getting in there, making a difference, is something I think is beneficial to the community, then to offer new leadership and new ideas, McPherson said.

A father of six children, McPherson said it is time to pass the baton, and has some advice for individuals considering serving on the board.

"An ideal individual is someone very involved in the community, who wants to make a difference, who has an understanding of what it takes to keep a community like Palatine, going," McPherson said.

One of the issues McPherson said continues to affect the entire community is the financial stake all residents have in continuing to be able to afford services, not only through the park distict, but schools, the village and other taxing bodies. 

"I think it's very important to have people serve who have a strong business and financial sense, as taxpayers, we have to approach these issues as we would our own personal finances," McPherson said.

We have to look at how we can approach things differently, continuing to raise taxes each year is unsustainable for hardworking families with young children as well as those who have retired, he said. 

"We have to look at how we [taxing bodies] all can be more efficient, for the financial stabiilty and well-being of our residents," McPherson said.

In addition to McPherson's seat, the seat currently held by treasurer Sue Gould, also will be up in April of 2013.

Gould began serving on the board in 1993, when she was elected to fulfill a term of a retiring commissioner. She then ran successfully three additional times, and said she is planning on submitting her paperwork to again run for the board. 

The filing period to become a candidate for the Palatine Park District Board is between December 17 and December 24.

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