ELECTION: Voter Turnout in Cook County, Area Counties

Area voters reported little to no wait at polling places during Tuesday's local election.

On Tuesday, 18.8 percent of voters made it out to the polls in suburban Cook County to vote in this year's local election, according to the Cook County Clerk's website. 

While the turnout was higher than other area counties, it was an average turnout for a local election in Cook County. Since 2005, turnout in Cook County has ranged from as low as 16.7 percent of voters casting their ballot in 2011 to as high as 27 percent voting in 2005. 

Comparably speaking, during last fall's presidential election, 70.7 percent of registered voters made it to the polls in suburban Cook County. 

Voter Turnout for Suburban Cook Co. Elections

Date  Votes  Total Voters    Percent of Voters April 9, 2013 273,371     1,455,446 18.8% April 5, 2011  233,350  1,395,756 16.7% April 7, 2009  304,766 1,463,070 20.8% April 17, 2007  236,050 1,371,803   
17.21% April 5, 2005 382,587 1,418,280

Cook County voters reported little to no wait at the polls on Tuesday. 

"At 4:30, there were 110 votes cast in District 2. No lines at that point," according to a comment on the Palatine Patch Facebook page. 

Voter Turnout in Surrounding Counties

Other counties also reported a low turnout during Tuesday's election.

In Kane County, only 13 percent of voters made it out to the polls, according to unofficial numbers on the Kane County Circuit Clerk website. 

Here is how other area counties compared: 

County   Ballots Cast   Registered Voters  Voter Turnout  McHenry County  32,955 204,062 16.15% Kane County  29,338 225,967 12.98% Suburban Cook County  273,371 1,455,446 18.8% Lake County 72,305 410,397 17.62%

The above information was updated at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, April 10, 2013. 

Taraxias April 10, 2013 at 10:23 PM
It is very very sad all our citizens do not vote. Men and women have given their lives for our country to be free for this most important RIGHT to be available to ALL regardless of race and creed. Is the 10 minutes required to vote such an inconvenience? Can you love your country enough to inform yourself of the current issues and make your best decision to help your fellow citizens? Maybe it should be like Jury duty where you are legally required to participate. We live in the most awesome country in the world people. Give back some love!
Ed RIchter April 12, 2013 at 02:01 PM
On a local basis this election has more impact on the area homeowner that the Presidential Election yet draws fewer attention and voters. For the people that complain about their real estate taxes, this is the place to start. The taxes levied by the school districts is the largest portion of your real estate tax bill and this election is where those board members who approve the spending are elected. Wake up people and make a difference!


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