Appeal Your Property Taxes Beginning Aug. 13

Residents now have a second chance to appeal their assessed value with the Board of Review.

Did you have to wait in a long line to file your property tax appeal this last May and June? Taxpayers flooded Palatine Township to protest their property taxes, filing appeals with the Cook County Assessor. 

Residents now have a second chance to appeal their assessed value, now with the Board of Review.  The Palatine Township Assessor’s Office has all the needed forms and information for appeals.

Each year taxpayers have two opportunities to appeal their property’s assessed valuation, once with the County Assessor and once with the Board of Review. 

In order to extend the filing period for Palatine Township taxpayers, Assessor Terry Kelly has once again made arrangements with Board of Review Commissioner Dan Patlak to accept pre-filed appeals.  Pre-filing will be available beginning August 13.  In essence this will extend the filing period for all Palatine Township taxpayers.

“The Board of Review, and Commissioner Dan Patlak, has once again put the needs of Palatine Township tax-payers first and foremost,” stated Assessor Terry Kelly. 

No appointment is necessary to file an appeal at the Board of Review through the Palatine Township Assessor’s Office.  Please call Palatine Township at 847-38-6164 if there are any questions.  We look forward to helping you reduce your property taxes.

-Submitted by Assessor Terry Kelly


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