Holiday Crackdown: 15 Arrested, Nearly 100 Ticketed

The Palatine Police Department made 15 arrests and issued nearly 100 tickets during the Labor Day Holiday Traffic Safety Crackdown Campaign.

The Palatine Police Department made 15 arrests and issued nearly 96 tickets in about two and a half weeks. 

Part of the , the Palatine Police Department increased patrols and saturated the streets to get drunken drivers off roadways and may sure all drivers and occupants use seat belts.

Through a traffic saftey grant, IDOT supplied funds to boost the number of uniformed Palatine Police officers on the roadways enforcing traffic laws from August 17 through Sept. 3.

The following is a summary of the results for the crackdown campaign:

Driving Under the Influence – 6 arrests (avg. BAC of .16)

Zero Tolerance (Driver under 21) – 3 cases (avg. BAC of .07)

Seatbelt Violations – 50 tickets

Suspended/Revoked/Unlicensed Drivers – 5 arrests

Speeding – 7 tickets

No Insurance – 7 tickets

All Other Moving/Equipment Violations – 32 tickets

Possession of Cannabis – 1 arrest


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