Palatine Law Firm Negotiated Lighter Sentence for Arlington Heights Caregiver

Certified nurse assistant Krisann Henderson received lenient sentences for stealing from patients. The lawyer who represented her said the minimum sentences are appropriate due to his client’s psychological and medical conditions.

The Palatine law firm that represented the caregiver from Arlington Heights who stole jewelry from her patients says the minimum sentence she received is appropriate due to her psychological and medical issues.

. represented 44-year-old Certified Nurse Assistant Krisann Henderson. The firm negotiated concurrent two and four year sentences , which she committed over the last several years, according to a press release from Lavelle Law, Ltd.

“We are pleased with the sentence which we think is fair in light of Ms. Henderson’s extensive need for medication and counseling for multiple psychological and medical conditions,” said Sam Azhari, the criminal defense attorney at Lavelle Law, Ltd who represented Henderson.

With good behavior, Henderson could be out of prison in as little as two years.

According to the release, the Cook County State’s Attorney pursued stiffer punishments, but after Henderson’s medical conditions were revealed to the judge, the lenient ruling was accepted by all parties.

“We could not have expected anything more from the outcome. The state had pursued jail time in the range of seven to eight years which we felt was excessive given the circumstances of the case,” Azhari said.

Henderson did cooperate with authorities, which Azhari said also likely had an influence on the judge’s ruling.

“We anticipate that [Henderson] will serve her time and get the medical attention she needs to allow her to return as a contributing member of society,” Azhari said.

Henderson began serving her sentence at Joliet Correctional Facility Friday.


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