Palatine Fire Department Seeks Help Clearing Fire Hydrants

Palatine residents are being asked to "adopt" a fire hydrant and shovel away snow and ice so firefighters can better access it in the case of a fire, when every second counts.

Credit: Palatine Fire Department
Credit: Palatine Fire Department

Snowfall, combined with the snow plowed from the roadways, often impedes accessibility to fire hydrants. With that in mind, the Palatine Fire Department is asking residents and business owners to help dig out some of the 3,557 fire hydrants located in Palatine, according to a press release.

Should there be a fire in the area, precious time is lost as firefighters work to locate hydrants and shovel away the snow and ice before the fire hydrant can be used. During a fire, time is critical and every second counts. The extra minutes that a firefighter spends digging out a hydrant can make a significant difference in how quickly a fire can be extinguished and damage limited.

Please consider "adopting" a hydrant or two closest to your home or business this winter by keeping them clear of snow. Snow should be removed about three (3) feet away from the hydrant in all directions with a pathway cleared between the hydrant and the roadway. Please exercise caution when shoveling because of potential for vehicle traffic nearby. Do not stand in the street and be careful not to slip and fall out into the roadway.

If you identify a damaged or leaking fire hydrant, please call the Palatine Public Works at (847) 705-5200 to report it.

Submitted by the Palatine Fire Department

Dennis Roland Becker January 06, 2014 at 07:11 PM
It is one thing to be asked for help in keeping the hydrants clear, my household has always done this since my Grandfather was on the Volunteer Fire Department for Palatine, but to be told we could be ticketed for not clearing the hydrant is something all together different. One December we had so much snow my father was in the hospital for knee surgery and I am disabled and just had my 2nd spinal fusion a month before and had no way or help to clear the snow, I called the Village and told them my situation and was told that my situation didn't warrant any help from the village and if we didn't clear the hydrant we would be ticketed for not doing so. Now we did get the hydrant cleared but it is now all filled in from the latest cleanup so, if the hydrants are not cleared what is fine going to windup being this time around?
l C Pyzik January 06, 2014 at 07:27 PM
I did the two closest to my property. We keep snow on bushes to protect the root system from freezing during cold weather like this. Why would removing the snow not freeze the water in the hydrant as snow would be insulating the hydrant?


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