POLL: Valentine's Day, Love it or Hate it?

How do you feel about this romantic holiday?

Valentine's Day. It can be a romantic dream come true — a nice night out, holding hands with your companion, maybe some wine and candles.

And it can be irritating, regardless if you're alone or not.

If you're alone you can feel like you're less of a person. Yes, you can join a group of single people for an anti-Valentine's Day gathering, hating everything pink and telling nasty stories about relationships. But let's be honest, you'd take a romantic holiday over a mean one any day, right?

If you're not alone the pressure can be too much. Your wife has friends at work that got flowers and candy. Her sister was treated to a show and expensive dinner. Nuts! You have a pizza delivery menu and you rented Die Hard.

How do you feel about Valentine's Day?


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