Nekritz Makes 'Superb Candidate' for 57th District

Letter to the editor

Elaine Nekrtitz is superb candidate running for State Rep in our community. She is smart, independent thinking and articulate. She has had the political courage to vote against rules put forth by Speaker Madigan that she thought should be changed and similarly had the courage to chair the Pension committee in an election year to try to tackle the biggest challenge facing our state. She may not have accomplished resolution yet but it does not take away from her hard work and dedication to try to bring people together to find a solution.

She is respected by Democrats and Republicans, and without question one of the hardest working and best legislators in Springfield. That is why even though she is not in my district I have knocked on doors for her, and I urge everyone in her district to get out and vote for this gem of a legislator.

Elliott Hartstein

Buffalo Grove

TakeBackIllinois October 29, 2012 at 08:40 PM
Nekritz supports large property tax increases! I respectfully submit that you must be uninformed about Ms. Nekritz's drafting of the future Pension Cost shifting proposals which would shift the future pension liability cost onto the backs of financially strapped school districts and, hence, local property taxpayers. Her cost-shitting ideas will deeply cut into into K-12 classroom revenue, as school districts have already suffered close to $1B of state funding cuts over the last several years; she certainly is no friend to underpaid teachers who will find it even more difficult to negotiate when her Pension schemes are realized because the districts will be out of money. You say you don't live in her District- you must be unaware of her actual record and her culpability in the problems a few Springfield political elite have caused for our great State. Even the Pat Quinn is against her ideas. Do you want to pay substantially more property taxes for Springfield's pension mismanagement? I sure don't.


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