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If you 'like' us already on Palatine Patch's Facebook page, tell your friends, family, neighbors and others who care about all things Palatine.

In addition to fun diversions like Tuesday Trivia and Thursday Truth or Myth, we provide a snapshot of your morning commute and where the cheapest gas can be bought every weekday-it's also a place for all of us to join together as a community. 

We post a 'Picture of the Day' ranging from sunrises and sunsets, to castles, and interesting locales close by and around the world, seasonal community events, scary Halloween faces [over the next few days] and much, much more! We also invite our friends on Facebook to contribute pictures to be featured in daily posts. 

Just this past weekend, we provided updates for both the Palatine High School and the Fremd High School playoff games, by posting scores throughout the games for those who couldn't be there. The response was amazing!

Recently, we were also able to quickly get updates to parents of students at PHS during the soft lockdown, when the situation was uncertain and somewhat frightening for about two hours.  

So, join us, be as informed as you can be about your local news, and have a little more fun each day, with-Palatine Patch on Facebook


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