Part 1, a continuing series: Crabtree "was" and "still is": Prelude

We expect that all stories have beginnings and endings. There is a beginning to the Crabtree Nature Preserve Drug Bust, but no ending, yet!

The Crabtree Nature Preserve Marijuana Drug Bust  "was" and "still is" the largest operation ever discovered in the United States!

In a time when Barrington area residents wish to think of their community as the closest thing to Paradise, the Crabtree Nature Preserve Marajuana Drug Bust disrupts their thinking because it "was" and "still is" the largest Marijuana Growing Operation ever discovered in the United States!

Barrington area residents hate to think that Mexican Drug Czars or even one of their neighbors are behind this yearly tens of millions of dollars illegal operation!  

Yet not a day goes by when there aren't media accounts about marijuana drug busts in Cook County and Lake County and their bordering Counties.   

It is true that Chicago is a primary gateway city for the importation of drugs from Mexico.

According to the Office of National Drug Control Policy in Washington, D.C., Chicago has been listed as a high intensity drug trafficking area.  As such Chicago is a major transportation hub and distribution center for illegal drugs throughout the Midwest due to its geographic location and its transportation infrastructure for the retail sale of cocaine, heroin, and marijuana.  It is, however, marijuana that remains the most widely available and abused drug in Illinois of folks of all ages. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Office_of_National_Drug_Control_Policy

Most of the drug busts occurring in Cook County and Lake County involve marijuana shipped in cars and trucks and marijuana grown in homes and apartments.

Unfortunately the public perception is that marijuana is an innocent drug, no more harmful than cigarette-smoking among high school students. 

Marijuana competes with designer drugs, powder one sniffs, and the time-honored alcohol beverages from home-made wine to beer. 

Marijuana really is a weed and easily grown, so it will retain a position in society, a seat at the table, so to speak.

An article by Cassie Goldberg published on May 1, 2012, is a must read for all parents, especially those with children at the high school level.    A National  Study shows that : 1.) Teen "Heavy" Marijuana use is Up 80 Percent Since 2008;  2.) One in Ten Teens report using Marijuana at Least 20 Times a Month";  3.)  Only half of Teens, 52 Percent, now say they see "Great Risk" in using Marijuana regularly. http://www.drugfree.org/newsroom/pats-2011 

A  subsequent article will alert Patch readers to the harmful effects marijuana  smoking has on an undeveloped teen brain.  

There are members of the Illinois General Assembly who are determined to see Illinois become the 18th state to legalize marijuana, despite all the hard facts that point to marijuana use leading to the hard drugs of cocaine and heroin.  Legislators in Springfield came tantalizingly close to passing a medical marijuana bill last year.

Video of the vote shows that the bill came within about three votes of passing, close enough that it can be called for another vote.  In fact, the bill could be passed in November when legislators return for the so-called veto session.

Barrington High School has not escaped the uptick of marijuana use by its high school students.    

Many Barrington residents surely remember the elaborate marijuana-growing operation discovered in the summer of 2007 in the Crabtree Nature Preserve and want answers! 

Described as the largest illegal cannabis cultivation scheme ever uncovered, it  became National and International News, was reported on morning and evening newscasts for a week.

Why has nothing since been reported?

Although the elaborate Crabtree Forest Preserve operation happened four years ago, law enforcement has allowed the entire situation to just die.  No Drug Czar or Kingpin was apprehended.

We expect that all stories have beginnings and endings.  There is a beginning to the Crabtree Nature Preserve Drug Bust, but no ending, yet!

Residents should seek an ending that makes sense and the czars or kingpins arrested!

Residents should seek answers to how the Crabtree Nature Preserve site was selected; the nature of the sting operation; the marijuana operation itself; how signs of its existence were totally missed!

There must be many Barrington area residents who do care.

The story begins when at 10:00 in the morning on a beautiful Saturday morning in the summer of 2007, residents heard the loud sounds of a helicopter and an airplane flying circles over the Crabtree Nature Preserve.

The entire perimeter of the Crabtree Nature Preserve was rimmed with police cars.


This was the largest Marijuana Operation in the United States, not the second largest, not the third largest.

*  Who are these Drug Czars?
*  Where do these Drug Czars live, in Mexico, in Texas, in California, in Chicago, in Barrington, in Inverness, where?

*  Who in Washington D.C., Illinois, Cook County, Lake County, Barrington might not want the Drug Czars caught?  

*  Why does it seem that law enforcement in Washington D.C., Illinois, Cook County, Lake County, Barrington, Barrington Hills are not doing their level best to investigate this matter, to apprehend the Drug Czars?

*  Why were no guns found, when in any drug operation, participants always carry guns?

Part 2:  Crabtree as the largest marijuana bust ever


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DrJoe September 26, 2012 at 01:05 PM
More right-wing lies from Nancy. Go back to writing reviews of nail salons. Your "blogging" is a blight on this newspaper and your are no better than an Internet troll. Why Patch thinks your brand of right-wing t-bag semi-factual fear mongering is what we want to wake up and read is beyond me. I never considered Patch divisive until you showed up.
Morgan Delack September 26, 2012 at 01:12 PM
DrJoe, the blogging platform on Patch is open to all who'd like to write. If someone would like to participate, they are welcome to. We publish all blogs unless they violate our terms of service.
DrJoe September 26, 2012 at 03:13 PM
Morgan, there needs to be some base standard. This is Patch, not FOX news, your job as editor is to provide interesting, local content that has broad based appeal to people in this area, not to allow "bloggers" to create manufactured controversy and exaggerated outrage tied to a narrow, minority world view. Nancy J. Thorner is an ideologue who follows talking points on right-wing websites and "crafts" blogs around those talking points. That's just mediocre writing, and lazy editing. People read this trash and tell their friends about the "article they read in the newspaper." Sadly, some people have a hard time telling the difference between opinion and news. Sorry to diminish what I believe the expectations of Patch are, but you keep posting hot-button social issues (religion and politics) with the misguided belief that you're providing what we want.
Jo Holzer October 02, 2012 at 02:15 AM
That's your take on her piece. As a close neighbor of the incident, I am concerned about the implications of a large criminal activity in a public site that continued unobserved by people living WITHIN the forest preserve -- on my taxes -- as well as by the local police. Because you support marijuana, you are not seeing any other aspect of this incident. Stop and think -- just for a moment!
DrJoe October 02, 2012 at 03:50 AM
Jo - the "incident" happened years ago. Why the outrage years later? In your post I don't see anything about the "other aspects of this incident." Do you mean the larger social issues of legalizing marijuana? Do you mean because you live close to a field full of weeds your life was in danger? What I see is you immediately taking the selfish t-bag stand of "my taxes." I don't even really understand how someone can live in a forest preserve on "your taxes."Just bringing up taxes is so ridiculous that it makes no sense...unless it's a veiled reference to the fact that the people growing the marijuana in the forest preserve were Hispanic. Then again, those "tax and spend criminals" could just as easily been Barrington High-School students. So, I still can't see how any of this is coming out of the Holzer 1099....please enlighten me. On the tax subject, please, the entire country is not trying to rip you off of your precious taxes. In all honesty, your taxes don't matter in the scheme of things. I could make a much better case about tax dollars being wasted on useless wars or bailing out Wall St. executives, but my taxes don't really matter either. Get your selfish head out of the sand and realize that the Chardonnay you drink at dinner is no more harmful than marijuana, regardless what a press-whore half-wit like Nancy J. Thorner says.


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