Who are the Real Republican Fiscal Conservatives?

You've seen the rhetoric, you've seen the mailings promising more of the same wasteful spending at the township. Please vote for three responsible trustees on on February 26th.

You've seen all the candidates’ rhetoric in their questionnaires.  Now ask yourself who's telling the truth?  Who's working for whom? Please vote for for township trustee.

During election season, politicians of all stripes claim to respect taxpayer resources. They promise to stop wasteful spending. They promise fiscal conservatism. The February 26, 2013 republican primary is no exception. But who are the real fiscal conservatives? According to one group of Trustee candidates, Kevin O’Connell, Jason Hillenbrand, and Julie Johnson, the answer is easy. “The voters should compare the candidates’ rhetoric to the candidates’ actions,” stated O’Connell. For example, there is a group of candidates called Doing Things Better for Palatine Township, they are saying, “for too long government hasn’t had the proper respect for the public’s tax dollars. “ According to O’Connell, if the Doing Better slate really believed their own rhetoric then we wouldn’t need to talk about wasteful spending. “Look, they have a majority vote on the board. Why are they telling us about stopping waste now? What have they been doing for the last four years?”
O’Connell’s running mates agree. “This whole election is a waste of money,” said Jason Hillenbrand referring to the estimated $125, 000 cost of the primary. “Everywhere else in the County, republicans and democrats held caucuses and the parties paid for their respective costs.” The primary election was declared by Palatine Township Committeeman Aaron Delmar whose organization’s leadership includes members of the Doing Better slate. Delmar has claimed he declared a primary to give the voters a choice and to avoid backroom deals. “Who does he think he’s fooling,” said O’Connell and Hillenbrand. “He handpicked his slate without the typical chance for other candidates to present their credentials.”

The third member of O’Connell’s and Hillenbrand’s slate, Julie Johnson, echoed her colleagues’ statements, “Caucuses offer the same choices that primaries do. In fact in two of the last three Township elections, the republican party has had contested caucuses.” O’Connell, Hillenbrand, and Johnson agreed, “The big difference between a Township caucus and primary is the cost and who pays. In a caucus the Republican Party rents a gym or a hall, invites the voters, and the voters decide on which candidates to support. In a primary, the taxpayers foot the bill and this year that bill is over $125,000.” Who are the real fiscal conservatives? Vote for honest, ethical, and accountable Township government, Vote for Jason Hillenbrand, Kevin O’Connell, and Julie Johnson on February 26th.

are running as Township Trustee candidates in the republican primary.  Visit their website at www.responsibletownship.com for more.  Early voting is now open through February 23rd. Election Day is Tuesday, February 26th.

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Craig Doherty February 19, 2013 at 09:47 PM
Jason, could you interview all the other candidates so we can get a fair and balanced article with input from everyone? Oh wait, you're writing about yourself, and in the third person, no less. How original.
Bucephalus February 19, 2013 at 10:23 PM
He may be the real fiscal conservative, but his grammatical skills leave a great deal to be desired.
Kirstin Larson February 22, 2013 at 06:34 PM
Jason is an amazing young man and has a great head on his shoulders. He is thoughtful and invested in our community. Palatine Township certainly has had it's fair share of smooth (politically and grammatically correct) politicians. So criticize if you will---or, if you are really interested, spend a little time to get to know this remarkable young man. In an age where we despair about the future of our country because youngsters don't seem to care, here is a young man who really does. Don't write him off so easily.
Palatine Political Watch February 25, 2013 at 02:38 AM
Jason's article, along with the comments by Kevin O'Connell are accurate. "The Doing Things Better Slate" hides behind a cloak of conservatism, where in fact they have cost the taxpayers thousands of dollars. Although, we do not know Jason Hillenbrand, we can state he is at least not a hypocrite as is Bill Huley, (The President of Northwest Tax Watch!!! haha!!!), The bully Sharon Johnson who was suspended by The Des Plaines Police Department, what a public servant(-see The Daily Herald online and her Patch article), and Art Goes, who takes credit for saving $300 on a phone bill per Sharon Johnson's comments in the Daily Herald, but is willing to spend $100K+ on a primary. This appears to be a bunch of losers who were afraid to face a caucus, like every other township in Illinois.


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