There needs to be a change in the leadership of Palatine Township.

There needs to be a change in the leadership of Palatine Township.

As many of you know I am running with a slate of candidates for Palatine Township Trustee.  This election is important enough that I am going to deviate from the normal purpose of this column of discussing events around town.  Why?  Because this election will have an affect on what goes on in our community.

There needs to be a change in the leadership of Palatine Township.  Our Township is being run by career politicians who have stopped listening to the community.  They are more concerned about keeping their jobs and pensions than serving the community.  Sharon Langlotz-Johnson, Art Goes and Bill Huley were tired of this attitude and decided to break away from the current Township government and form a new slate with Tom Kaider, Kathy Allegretti, Kevin McGrane and, me, Bill Pohlman.

When was the last time that someone from the Township asked you what you want to see happen in the Township?  If our slate wins the election, that will change.  We want your opinions on what you would like to see happen in our Township.  We intend to get community input on the direction you would like to see our programs take and create a strategic plan in that direction.

We know your concerns go further than what happens in the Township.  You want your Township officials to make sure that there are tight restraints on how your money is spent.  Our slate is running because we believe that for far too long Township government hasn’t had the proper respect for the public’s tax dollars.  We believe that it is the taxpayers’ money that we are spending and that we must spend it wisely and conservatively.

We need to look at our expenses and cut the budget without diminishing services.  We plan to make a 5% cut by looking at salaries and bringing them in par with other municipalities, avoiding overtime where possible and making sure that expenditures are only made for worthwhile projects.  Our goal is to create a plan that makes sure that all taxpayers are benefitting from Township services and that tight cost controls are kept on that plan.

Our slate is endorsed by the Palatine Township Republican Organization, the official Republican organization of Palatine Township, the Save Briarwood Committee and Aaron Del Mar, Cook County GOP Chairman.  The slate includes Sharon Langlotz-Johnson for Township Supervisor, Tom Kaider for Highway Commissioner, Kathy Allegretti for Clerk and Bill Pohlman, Art Goes, Kevin McGrane as well as Bill Huley for Trustee.

Township government has taken to the refrain “but we’ve always done it this way!” for far too long.  I pledge that I and the Doing Things Better slate will never use this excuse to avoid making progress.  We will promote commonsense reforms and innovations in order to be more efficient, transparent and accountable to the people we serve.

Politics and the Township

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Cindy Altenbach February 25, 2013 at 06:19 PM
Outrageous that the current Board has been collecting a pension for so long and only recently opted out because they've been exposed. Shameful!
Vicki Wilson February 26, 2013 at 03:27 PM
I am supporting Kevin O'Connell, Julie Johnson, and Jason Hillenbrand today for Trustees and here is why: Last September, the current Trustees voted in a pay increase for themselves, if re-elected. This is shocking to me and truly not something I can wrap my head around. The Trustees do no more work than unpaid Board of Ed members (and one could argue, quite a bit less) so to vote themselves an INCREASE if re-elected is beyond me. Source: meeting minutes from September 2012 - "There is a potential $900 increase in Trustee salaries, in the event that the increased per diem meeting allowance were maximized." ROLL CALL: Ayes: Farina, Huley, Goes, Langlotz-Johnson, Fleming Nays: None
Palatine Watches You February 26, 2013 at 10:09 PM
Vicki Wilson, you must be a political hack. We read the minutes and it looks like the board decreased the salaries officials who make over $24K in their positions!!!! Trustees do not have to claim their stipends and several of them stated as such. FOIA the expense records and see who claims money to make $900 or volunteer for something, then you have a reason to talk.
Bill February 26, 2013 at 10:48 PM
The punch line that not many people are talking about is: Fleming and Powers are running as conservatives?! WTF? If a person believes in small government, then they believe in it all the time and in every direction (psssssst, kids are you paying attention? Powers and Fleming are N-O-T conservative). Terms that last for a longer time span that it takes for all my kids to go through high school is NOT limited government. Taking the pension for a part time position is NOT conservative. Fact-checking is great. I applaud anyone who does that. But just from a broader perspective, how do you people allow these crusty politicians to sit around for decades, but then claim they are conservative? Seriously? We get our butts kicked in a presidential election and then learn nothing. Obama deserved to win. Republicans need to stop following conservatives like Fleming and Powers who take pensions and fight for their office for decades, treat it like a little side-job piggy bank… disgusting.
Bill February 26, 2013 at 10:48 PM
And before Dellmar and the PTRO or any of that, when my kids were little, I tried to get to know the Topper mummies, but that was depressing. Those people are not conservative. They are only conservative until it becomes uncomfortable to be conservative. We are going to be leaving IL soon, to find a truly conservative area. Well, they are conservative on morality issues I guess, but they certainly love their pensions and stipends and per diem and titles. My recommendation to you all is to stop arguing over who did what to who twenty years ago, and look at the current hypocrisy. Vote the mummies out, and then at least you have a chance… you have a chance at change, a chance for real conservatives to advance the cause. Or leave the state, like we are. But grow up, wake up. Pensions and twenty-year terms = NOT CONSERVATIVE.


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