Palatine Blizzard of 2011: Do you Remember it?

More than 20 inches of snow fell across Chicagoland suburbs on February 1, 2011. Do you remember burrowing in or battling the snow on the outside?

Hard to believe it was two years ago today that more than 20 inches of snow fell in Chicagoland, especially since we haven't seen much at all this winter. 

The Chicago Tribune has a number of photos capturing the substantial snow that caused many to burrow inside or force them to trek through the snow to and from work or as they were out and about as it happened. 

Palatine Patch also has a gallery of the blizzard of 2011, in addition to other major weather stories (and news) that topped the news that year. 

Time really does fly! 

Catherine March 08, 2013 at 08:00 PM
This was one heck of a storm. My husband drives a big Mercury wagon and I a Focus. In our driveway both were COMPLETELY covered and all you could see were the side mirrors! We opened the garage and it was halfway up the door LOL. Nice to get a snow day off work tho!


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