Local Businessman Raises Money for Friend with ALS

Andy Schroeder, a former Palatine resident and business owner, was diagnosed with ALS. Paul Castle, of Castle Chiropractic is working to raise funds for Andy's care, in addition to building a college fund for Andy's son Flynn.

Andy Schroeder is a former Palatine resident, and was an active member of the community, but ALS changed everything for him and his family. 

"Before he was even diagnosed, Andy had to sell his business because he was no longer able to work," said Paul Castle of Castle Chiropractic.

Schroeder and Castle had worked together and become friends, and Castle ended up purchasing the business.

Schroeder's son Flynn was born in Palatine right around the time the family was moving to Florida two years ago. The first fundraiser Castle spearheaded was to help raise money to help the family move.  

"Andy moved to be closer to his sisters, one of whom he and his wife and son live with. Also the weather down there is supposed to help with some of the muscle difficulty," Castle said. 

Flynn has now turned two-years-old, and Castle believes it's the right time to try and raise some money for the family, and to start a college fund for Flynn.

Schroeder was a member of the Palatine Chamber of Commerce for many years, according to Castle, and volunteered with the Palatine Jaycees. Before ALS began to take a toll on his health, he was an avid runner and loved baseball.

For more information, visit the Families of ALS website or find them on Facebook. Direct donations can be taken through PayPal.  


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