Get to Know Palatine Patch a Little Better

Do you know all the ways you can take advantage, and become more a part of Palatine Patch?

Palatine Patch has been around a while (since the fall of 2010), so you may already know the idea is to truly embed ourselves in this great community.

We, I, want to provide you all of the informaton you need to stay informed - whether it be government, business, schools, current events or anything else that keeps this town running! 

There are a number of ways that you, as residents, can become more involved in Palatine Patch. I want to walk you through how you can become a stronger part of this publication, and help to guide our coverage and the stories we feature every single day. 

Send us your news tips. Who better knows this community but those who live in it? I work hard as your editor to keep my ear to the ground, stay in touch with the village, chamber of commerce, schools and other organizations, but you may have information on a story that needs covering. I invite you to reach out to me at melanie.santostefano@patch.com

Utilize our Local Voices section. This is a blog platform, that allows residents (and some non-residents) to communicate what they want to, to our readers. Maybe you're an expert on something, a business owner who has valuable information to share, you grew up in Palatine and want to share your experiences, or you just love posting poems along with a picture you snapped. Whatever it is, you can become one of our Local Voices.

Post events on our calendar. There's a lot going on in Palatine. From events through the park district, to village meetings, to meet ups with local Mom's groups (and much more) you are free (and it is free) to post events so everyone knows what options there are to get out in town (and I feature our Friday through Sunday events in the 'Get Out' article which runs Friday mornings-if they are posted by Thurdsays at 5 p.m.) 

Post announcements. Maybe you're a proud mom whose child just got a scholarship for his or her academic achievements, or you child's team took first place at the gymnastics meet. Or, you're having a garage sale, or your parents just celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary. Whatever it is you'd like to announce on Palatine Patch, you are welcome to do so and share your pride/information with your neighbors and the community at-large. 

To take advantage of Local Voices, or to post events or announcements, you simply have to "join" the website, by clicking on the top right of the home page. It takes less than a minute! 

Other ways you can stay up-to-date on all that is going on in town is by signing up for our free Newsletter, liking us on Facebook or following us on Twitter

I welcome you to become more a part of Palatine Patch, so I can help to get information out not only from village hall, police and fire and other hard news items, but also on all the people, places and things that makes Palatine unique.

Patch truly is all about making sure we are the place you come to for all things Palatine! 

Melanie Santostefano, Palatine Patch editor. 


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