Property Tax Exemption forms for Senior Citizens in the mail

Assessor's Office

Terry Kelly, CIAO - Township Assessor


Senior Exemption Forms are in the Mail

Not as good as the check, but almost.  Forms for the Senior Exemption and Senior Freeze Exemption are being mailed by Cook County the first week in January.  These two important exemptions can help seniors reduce their property taxes.  For a senior citizen in Palatine Township the reduction in property taxes can be as high as $477.

Here is a brief explanation of the forms:

  • Applying for First Time if you were born in 1948 or before, you may be eligible for a Senior Citizen Property Tax Exemption.  Stop by our office apply.  If this is the first time you are applying you will need to bring your drivers license and your most recent tax bill.  In order to receive this exemption the following requirements need to be met:
    • You need to have been born in 1948 or before
    • You must own the property or be liable for the real estate taxes
    • The property must be your principal place of residence

If you received this exemption last year, you will be mailed a renewal application.

  • If You Have Applied Before please click here for information.

Please send your email address to dgamboa@palatinetownship.com and we will add you to our email notification list so we can remind you of important filing dates (exemptions and appeals), new form availability, etc.


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